Always buying black bags? 5 top pick colours for your next handbag!

Written by Jo W


Hey ladies,

We all face the same problem. We want our handbags to look amazing paired with all of our clothes. After all, why spend our hard earn money on a bag that we only wear once? So, when we are shopping for a new handbag, most of us ended up checking out a black bag in the end. Well we got you sister! Here are top 5 most versatile handbag colours to spruce up your outfit! From totes and baguettes to hat boxes and wristlets, all of them are equally attractive and have all sorts of colours that attract our attention. 

1. Pink

Pink is the new black. We've been noticing more and more pink outfits and bags around the office lately. Add a hint of charm to your workwear today, mademoiselle

F.timber Iconic Trio Set:  from the left -  Alex, Nina and Piper
Great for everyday wear.


F.timber Dancing Princess Collection - Blair
You just need the right bag, ladies.
F.timber Dancing Princess Collection - Ashlyn
Like, seriously.

2. Brown

Brown bag is one of the most carried bags as it works well with so many colours yet adding a special touch to it when combined.

F.timber Clarice Bag
Bringing out the elegance inside you.

F.timber Stella Medium Bag
Simple yet chic.

3. White

Light, good and pure. You can never go wrong with a white bag; not only does it matches your multicoloured outfits, but it also softens your daily look.

F.timber Cami Bag
Elegant and trendy.


F.timber Summer Bag
A playful bag for going on a date.

4. Green

Considered as one of the neutral colours as it’s the colour of Mother Nature, the versatile colour goes with everything.

F.timber Kim Bag
Checkered green with a hint of Korean vibe.

5. Baby blue

Suitable for both work and tea party, baby blue brings out the ‘pop’ of your most boring outfit at home.

F.timber Stella Mini Bag
The one bag fits all - Work? YES. Tea Party? YES. Date? OF COURSE!


F.timber Orna Bag
Colour to your black and white workwear.

The bag you carried represents you as a person. It defines you, your style and how you distinguish yourself from the crowd. Remember, it’s never about the bag; it’s YOU.

So ladies, quit buying black bags over and over again. Explore your style and have fun with fashion! After all, we only live once, am I right?