F.timber Frida Bucket Bag

RM109.00 MYR

The Inspiration is Anything and Everything.

Freed, a short for Freedom, represents the absence of constraints and the unlimited possibilities of a woman. Like water, its shape and form can be anything and everything. The blank canvas part of the product represents a clean slate with no boundaries, just as the Freed Collection was inspired by. Embellished by spot-treated leather, it symbolises the realness and truth of life where perfection is made by tiny little imperfections. Aesthetically, the spotted leather replicates a vintage mood. We encourage the owners of the Freed Collection to make their mark, both on the bags and in their lives. 



About the Materials

Coated Canvas is a premium material semicrafted by artisans, strong and sturdy enough to be an essential part of our daily errands. Up close, you are able to see a variety of yarns in each textile and that is what makes it a cut above rest.

Embellished by vegan spot-treated leather, it creates a luxe vintage mood to the bag, making it both understated yet luxurious. 

Length:15 cm
Width: 11 cm
Height: 19 cm
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