F.timber Polly Twin Set- Mid + Petit

RM199.00 MYR

Polly- the star of the show !

The Polly Tote comes in 3 sizes- Grand, Mid and Petit. 

Suitable for the care-free lifestyle, when we say it fits a lot, it really does fit a ton. Each Polly bag comes with a complementary designer pouch for your nitty items. Both the handles and straps are adjustable, and it makes it inclusive for all sizes. The silhouette of this exclusive Polly collection, in every size, instantly adds an edge to any outfit. Each size comes in 3 fun colours.

About the Material

Grained Textured- The grainy leather made out of vegan properties, makes the bag both durable and scratch resistant. Material is 100% opaque and stain resistant (except for pigment ink). 

What's in the Polly Twin Set?
x1 F.timber Polly Petite bag
x1 F.timber Polly Mid bag
x1 F.timber Frosty Glass Bottle

Worth up to RM 267

Length: 32 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 25 cm

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