F.timber Saddle Set

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F.timber Saddle Collection

Saddle up, girls!
The Saddle Collection first edition is finally ready to be brought home. Featuring 2 versatile colourways (Cream and Coffee), this collection comes in various shapes and sizes.

The Design Inspiration
Represented by the strong and mighty horse, F.timber aspires to be producing good quality, durable and strong for the daily wear and tear. Accompanying the horse icon, you can see the unique “F.timber” horse built by the logo.

About The Material

Look closely at the material surface. Double coated PVC is used as the main material and supported by premium vegan leather. Its grainy texture is built to be scratch and splash resistance.

Length: 27 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 22 cm

Length:13 cm
Width:3 cm 
Height:9 cm
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